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Cambridge Primary Science Teacher’s Resource Book with CD-ROM 1

This Teacher’s Resource for Stage 1 contains guidance on all components in the series. Select activities and exercises to suit your teaching style and your learners’ abilities from the wideRead More
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Cambridge Primary English Activity Book 3

This write-in Activity Book includes the following features. Activities which support, enrich and reinforce the core teaching in the Learner’s Book, using the same themes and texts to enhance comprehension.
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Activity Pegs Suitcase

This is an excellent basis math game designed to also boost concentration, attention and eye-hand coordination.The pegs have 3 basic geometric shapes, Circle, Square and Triangle, in 3 primary colors,Read More
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Babydoll Asian Boy 21cm

21 cm undressed dolls and presented in a poly bag.An interesting teacher resource to help children understand concepts such as family, diversity (multi-cultural and gender differentiation), as well as respect and tolerance. Anatomically correctRead More
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Baby tractor

Handle, play, invent … A first contact with imitation games. They will stimulate imagination and encourage language development. Articulated characters and little animals with a rattle sound.
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Creative Nature

Explore & Create, a game to get started with botany, finding out different names for leaves and their shapes. This game is designed for making artistic creations with elements fromRead More
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Euro Shopping

Symbolic game. It is an appropiate resource to carry out the first mathematical exercices: · Visual discrimination and sorting according to specific criteria. · Visual recognition of the elements making up theRead More
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Fun WIth Friends 4 Set Puzzle

Represented different places and situations where children spend their free time.
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Logical Blocks 60 Pieces

An excellent resource for an introduction to the world of geometry. This game allows for the recognition and discrimination of shapes, sizes, thicknesses and colours.
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Mecathech 106 pieces

Game of mechanical constructions with multiple assembly possibilities.We highlight the quality of the materials and the large guide files, which allow you to create different models step by step.
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Moogy Pull And Play

Miniland Educational introduces Moogy Pull ‘n Play – part of their charming, funny, vivid and huggable Moogy Collection for babies and Infants.
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Plastic Screws 48 Pieces

Large nuts and bolts, with 3 basic geometrical shapes, circular, square and triangular. They promote manual skills and visual-mechanic coordination when they are screwed up and unscrewed. Highly resistant plastic.


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